About the Coach...


My Mission

I am a firm believer that everyone is bad at something. We all have areas of life we are naturally strong in, and areas we are naturally weak in. By nature, I am weak when it comes to social skills. Growing up, I was an awkward kid. My idea of fun was philosophy, psychology, video games, politics, and speech and debate. I took a scientific attitude towards the study of social dynamics. My life is proof that you can change.

 I have dated pageant winners, cheerleaders, Playboy Bunnies, and models. More impressively, I have dated some of the most interesting, fun, wild,  deep, and down-to-earth women in the world. 

Not being good with women is all too often handled with shame and embarrassment. As a result, most men never learn. I started the Love Labs because I believe that learning how to attract women is a skill like any other. There is absolutely nothing embarrassing or shameful about learning a new skill; the only shame is in never learning. I take the perspective that I am no better than any of my clients.

I take a special degree of pride in my ability to intuitively know what each client needs. Everyone has their own issues. Some are ready to go meet women, but they don’t know how; others know what to do, but are afraid to go out and put themselves on the line. Friends and former clients universally tell me that I can see right into someone’s most basic needs and insecurities. Coming from a place of empathy and anonymity, I am often able to help clients address their most deep-seated issues while avoiding any awkwardness.

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— John Smith, Nature Conservancy Magazine