How to Get Girls to Like You: Part One

What's up, fellas?

I can break down a ton of game into five words: Be Interested, and Be Interesting. That's how you get people to like you.


When other people talk, listen. You should be more interested in hearing what they have to say, and discovering their opinions, values, and beliefs, than you are in telling them what you think. Be present in the conversation. Instead of jumping into the conversation at the first possible moment, wait for the other person to finish speaking. A good rule of thumb is let there be a two-mississippi count of silence before you respond. Often times, we wait until the other person pauses to take a breath and jump in immediately. This is bad.

When we do respond, we are not going to immediately switch the conversation back to us. Instead, we ask "why" and "what" questions. Why do you think that? Why did you do that? What did you do next? Again, listen. Try to just let people talk: people love talking.


The other half of the equation is being interesting. When you talk, have funny, different stories. Don't be common. Talk about the things that makes you different, unique. Share interesting tidbits about your life. Create an air of mystery about you. However, always be prepared to turn the conversation spotlight back on the other person. You want to say just enough about yourself to be interesting and unique, but not so much that you hijack the conversation. The less you say about yourself, the more mysterious you seem.



That's it for part one, I'll be back tomorrow for part two.